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Zhuhai Mingshi Hardware Manufacturing Co.Ltd. A Scientific Technology Enterprise with its well-recognized brand name Mingshi , specialized in the developing and manufacturing of ceramic disc cartridges. With more than 20 years experience, we now possess in-house testing facilities, an R&D division and a mold making tooling center in addition to our ceramic disc manufacturing base. Crafted using only the finest materials, our advanced testing equipment and efficient technical processing enables Mingshi to keep its products on the cutting edge of design, ensuring that Mingshi will remain the pinnacle of the industry in both quality and sales. We constantly strive to maintain this high standard in quality and technical sophistication in the manufacturing of OEM and OEM and ODM orders.

Certified by ISO 9001 quality assurance system, the company has further gained several other noteworthy certifications such as: NSF , Water Mark, WRAS and ACS and is currently undergoing KTW approval. Owning more than 100 national and international patents. Zhuhai Mingshi Hardware Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.,is also the main drafter of the Chinese National Standard GB18145-2003 concerning the Light Industry of Sanitary ware, which was originally adopted from its internal factory standards.

The companys products cover a wide rang, with several varieties of the following:
Thermostatic Cartridge Series ; Pressure Balancing Series, Single Lever Series, Double Control Series, Ceramic Disc Diverter Series, Anti-Scald Water Saving Cartridge Series, Check Valve Series, Time Delay Cartridge Series, Large Flow Cartridge Series, Thermostatic Control Valves Series.
    Thermostatic Radiator Valve Series to name but a few.

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